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USDF Bronze Medalist Melissa Borror, started riding when she was 7 years old, competing in the Hunter Jumper Circuit. Melissa has developed a diverse range of experience over the years. At the age of 16, Melissa made a move to the Arabian Show Circuit with her beloved mare, "Bootscootin Too", aka Sassy. The mare began to instill in Melissa the foundation of her horsemanship skills that have allowed her to evolve into the rider she is today. Melissa's ability over the years allowed her to adapt to many disciplines, such as saddle seat, side saddle, showmanship, and hunter-jumpers. Melissa learned at a young age, that with all disciplines, comes the respect for the animal and a level of understanding that is transferable to any style of riding: the importance of communicating with your horse effectively. Thus, allowing her to start many young horses under saddle over the years. 


As Melissa's riding career evolved, so did her need for a younger horse. Sassy was bred and "Bootscootin Samor" aka Honey, began the start of Melissa's future dressage career. With patience and commitment, Melissa started Honey under saddle and trained her. Together, the pair went on to have great success in the Arabian Show Circuit.


When both were introduced to Dressage, they found the intricate details and methodical process very intriguing and challenging, tapping into her mares great intelligence. Melissa has been training with Lauren Tisdale for the last ten years. In working with Lauren, Melissa and Honey were quite successful at Training Level all the way through Third Level Dressage, having won many local, regional and national championship titles. Abruptly, at the young age of 12, Honey tragically passed away from colic complications in early 2016. This devastating blow, shook Melissa to the core. With Sassy still at her side, they began teaching beginner lessons, which spiraled into helping others who were in need of a few pointers. This need ultimately helped Melissa cope with the sudden loss. As Melissa's talent began to be sought out by riders, she fell in-love with sharing in the success of others. Her ability to engage with horses and riders of any discipline, allowed her to begin her career as a trainer. Still, with her success and the support of friends, she was missing her horse. 


In late 2016, Melissa purchased Fiderhelm, affectionately known as “Fid”, as a green 4 1/2 year old Westphalian. Melissa saw great potential in Fid and it didn’t take long to know she had found a very talented horse. Over the last three years, the pair have worked very hard, yet patiently, to develop the correct basics in Dressage. They have had wonderful success at local and regional shows and have won many championship and high point breed awards.

Currently, Melissa and Fid are competing at First Level

and First Level Freestyle. They will compete at the

2019 National Dressage Finals at the Kentucky Horse

Park in November. Melissa’s ultimate goal with Fiderhelm

is to train her to compete at the Grand Prix Level. Along

this training journey, Melissa is certain to keep things

slow and steady and to allow the learning & training

process be fun. To do so, she incorporates plenty of

trail rides and travel for Fid. It’s important that she

remains a happy & healthy athlete!





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